5 tile combinations for your bathroom


Want to revamp your bathroom but not sure what materials to choose? Your goal is to create a comfortable space where carefully chosen functional and beautifully designed tiles give maximum expression to personal well-being.

Here we suggest five combinations for bathrooms where key ceramic pieces craft the look that best matches your style and personality.

#1. White + wood

azulejos-para-baños pamesa

When less is more. Vannes embodies the tranquillity of white in 40 x 120 centimetre format, perfectly combined with relief pieces Volterra Moon, to evoke dynamism and movement. Wood-look floor tiles Easternwood, in 22 x 85 centimetres and Palm shade, guarantee the warmth and charm every bathroom deserves.

#2. Stone + marble


Fine materials and a striking combination of black and white highlight the elegance of this bathroom. Cr Belgio in black and 60 x 60 centimetre format echoes the timeless classic look of blue stone, combined with splendid white marble Luni, in 30 x 60 centimetres, to create an effect that will never go out of style.

#3. Encaustic + cement


Cement-look wall tiles like Es Evora (30 x 60 centimetres) are an excellent option for a modern bathroom. Combine them with the encaustic effects of Art Cezzane in 22.3 x 22.3 centimetres to create a fascinating bathroom, perfect for those looking for stunning ceramic solutions full of personality.

#4. White + brick

Why not use tiles to separate your bathroom into two spaces? Brickwall tiles capture the authenticity and irregularities of real brick, breaking up the uniformity of your wall spaces. These 7 x 28 centimetre format pieces contrast beautifully with white wall tiles from Coton (25 x 75 centimetres).

#5. Wallpaper + wood

If wallpapers are your weakness but you’re looking for more durable and resistant materials, then Royals is the ideal collection for your bathroom. Evocative tiles with myriad textures will turn the walls into the central feature of your bathroom. Combine plain pieces in 30 x 90 centimetres like Noble Snow with linear or curved relief patterns from Duke Blanco in the same format. Wood-look floor tiles from Royals Dark, in 22 x 85 centimetres, offer a perfect contrast to the lighter walls in this bathroom.


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  1. Wow nice designs, I liked all of them except the 3rd one which resembles more of a kitchen design to me. We are in the process of finalizing remodeling for our home so this will help.

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