5 reasons to choose large format tiles

Think big. For tiling walls or floors, XXL pieces are a great option to meet every architectural requirement and satisfy the demands of all kinds of assignments, from new-builds, restorations and makeovers to large-scale projects.

Gone are the days when large-scale facilities served a purely practical purpose; now they must also be decorative and attractive. Large format ceramic pieces, such as 90×180, 30×180, 22.5×180, 120×120 and 60×120, are now setting the trend in architecture and interior design circles. Today, we give you 5 reasons to include large format ceramics in your projects

#1. Enhanced feeling of spaciousness

Tile size is closely related to spaciousness. If your aim is to create an impression of openness and expanse, large format floor tiles are the ideal solution.

#2. Create a seamless effect

Large sized ceramic tiles cover surfaces using far fewer pieces, and fewer joints as a result, giving an overall visual effect of seamless uniformity.

#3. Open up a myriad range of uses

XXL surfaces open up new horizons for design, paving the way for endless applications. Its format, thickness and high technical specifications make porcelain gres an excellent choice for worktops, kitchen and bathroom backsplashes and work tables.

#4. Shorter installation time

The larger the format, the fewer the pieces needed to cover a surface, which means the job is finished more quickly due to faster installation times.

#5. Ideal for façades

Large format porcelain gres has excellent technical qualities for tiling outside façades, both because of its size and its guaranteed advantages of durability, resistance and energy savings.


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