5 New Year’s Resolutions for your home


 A new year, new decoration proposals. Changing the tiles, revamping textiles or choosing an attractive piece to catch the eye are just some modest but impactful changes that will bring a breath of fresh air into your home in 2018. We show you 5 up-to-the-minute decor ideas that will get you off to a good start in this new year.

#1. Sign up for Ultra Violet


Ultra Violet is the colour of 2018, according to the Pantone Color Institute, a shade chosen for its daring, provocative and thoughtful qualities.  A must for 2018 that you can let into your home by simply changing the cushions in your rooms.

#2. Show off new tiles


Give your kitchen or bathroom a new look with on-trend ceramic wall-tiles designed to resemble other materials like wood, marble, cement or wallpaper, available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, textures and colours.

#3. Choose ceramics for the living room


Hardwearing, resistant and easy to clean: ceramic tiles combine these three essential qualities, making them the ideal material for one of the most frequented parts of the home, the living-dining room combo, where you can create a “carpet” effect to highlight a specific area.

#4. Don’t forget your balcony or terrace

The best time to get outside areas up to scratch is in the run-up to the return of the good weather. Even small outdoor spaces can be turned into wonderful spots for relaxing, or you could create a place for studying or extra storage space.

#5. Take the plunge with a star feature


2018 is the year to treat yourself to that ceramic tile feature that you’ve set your heart on for its aesthetic charm and colours. Say “yes” to the collection that will be the centre of attraction, the focal point of every space with a multicolour array to transform, enrich and enliven your home.



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