Group Industrial Pamesa turnover rose by 27% in 2013

Group Industrial Pamesa, devoted to the production and sales of ceramic products, atomised clays and energy commercialisation, reached a consolidated turnover of 345 million euros in 2013, representing an increase of 27% on the 2012 figure of 272 million euros. At the end of last year, the Group announced pre-tax profits of 18.5 million euros, thus consolidating its performance.

Export market accounts for 72% of the turnover

Throughout 2013 Group Industrial Pamesa continued to expand its workforce, and now has an average of 870 employees. The decisions taken since 2009 to confront the economic crisis have been key to attaining these results, with increases in productivity of 86% compared to 2008; for this reason Group Industrial Pamesa has intensified its rate of growth.

Accumulated improvement of Group’s productivity of 86% since 2008

According to figures for the Group’s business performance during the first nine months of 2014, the forecasts are positive. Turnover is expected to increase to 390 million euros as a result of increased sales in export markets, improvements in productivity, redefined processes and energy efficiency, and the efforts of all the Group’s workforce reflected in investments of around 68 million euros over the last four years.

The Spanish Industrial Group’s reorganisation to gain efficiency ended in 2013 and Navarti Group takeover in 2014

These efforts have enhanced the benefits gained from economies of scale, allowing the creation of new commercial structures, new innovative formats and designs that open avenues into new international markets, and new business segments. Of particular note is the accumulated increase of porcelain tile sales of around 90% in the last three years (2011/2014).

Expansion of the Group Industrial in 2014

In February 2014 the Group Industrial took over the company Navarti Grupo S.A., and as a result expects to reach a turnover of 57 million m2 in the year 2014. Following the takeover the Group now has a total workforce of over 1,000.


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