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White relief tiles for bathrooms

White tiles are all the rage. Why? That’s easy to answer. Because, unlike other materials, they can be used to create living spaces with strength and personality thanks to their textures, patterns and optical effects. On white tiles, interesting visual effects can be sparked off by highlighting them in the most minimum of ways, lending […]

How to choose wood-effect porcelain floor tiles   

Wood is a warm, welcoming and comfortable material, but one that requires special care and attention to protect it from scratches, knocks and general wear and tear. Today, thanks to the latest ceramic tile manufacturing methods, we can enjoy all the benefits of wood as well as the excellent technical features of porcelain tiles, such […]

Industrial style kitchen: inspiration and tips

What are the characteristics of industrial design styles? Industrial looks have become increasingly popular in interior design, thanks to their perfect blend of old and new. The secret to this kind of look is to combine carefully chosen vintage features with elegant modern décor. What springs to mind when we talk about industrial design styles? […]

How to combine two different floors

When refurbishments are being made to old apartments or to your current home, it is very common for some rooms to have different floor coverings. Dealing with transitions between one type of flooring and another, particularly in bathrooms and kitchens, is part of interior designers’ everyday work. The same home might contain flooring ranging from […]

Metro tiles: A timeless classic

These small tiles, used for decades in underground stations, are currently all the rage. What are metro tiles? Metro tiles (also known as subway tiles) are small rectangular tiles with a subtle bevel edge. Normally they have a glossy finish, although nowadays, in most interior design catalogues, they can also be found with a matt […]