New offices and showroom of Pamesa Cerámica!

In Pamesa Cerámica we will celebrate our 50th anniversary with the inauguration of new headquarters, located on the road between the cities of Vila-Real and Onda.

The new building, which will be around 6,300 square meters, will have three floors, including two subway parking levels and a coffee shop with access to an open-air space where we will present our thickness collections, suitable for outdoor spaces. In addition, the first two floors will include the offices of the different departments and the top floor will include the training, meeting and press rooms. The building, which will have large windows all around its perimeter, will have courtyards and planters inside to provide natural light and comfort. The ventilated façade will be designed with large-format 90x180cm ceramic tiles in a glossy finish and Pamesa red, but will also have black tiles for greater solar control.

The most remarkable thing is the leap that our exhibition will take, from the 1,000 meters that the current space in Almassora has, it will increase to 3,000 square meters where all our novelties will be shown. This space will have a more technical area, especially aimed at prescribers and architects, and real rooms recreated with materials from our three catalogs: Materia, Universe and Atrium. This area will present innovative and realistic environments, and aims to facilitate contact between customers and ceramic products, helping them to visually conceive how certain models could be used in their own homes or businesses.

Work on this new Pamesa Cerámica headquarters is underway with the aim of opening it at the end of this year.



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