PAMESA & AGATHA RUIZ DE LA PRADA: geometry, reliefs and colour to celebrate 20-year partnership

Happiness begins at home. Pamesa Cerámica and Agatha Ruiz de la Prada celebrate a two-decade working partnership with new ground-breaking collections. The firm comes to Cevisama to present vibrant colours, original reliefs and expressive shapes embodied in ceramics, fashioning unique spaces where geometry, volume and colour are enriched with the creativity of the prestigious designer’s emblematic motifs and icons.

Vía Cuore and Vía Agatha are the names of the collection that merges the charm and personality of hydraulics with the joy and energy of Agatha’s colour palette. This ode to colour and geometric form in 22.3×22.3 centimetre porcelain gres pieces will transform and enliven any setting. A world of multicolour emotions at our feet for spaces that break away from the routine.

Agatha Coeur and Mille Cuori capture her emblematic icons, transferring their volume to wall tiles. In this profusion of sensory expression through 25×25 centimetre hearts, ceramics embody dynamism and cheer. This explosion of smooth surfaced shapes in white, yellow, orange, carmine, turquoise and pistachio astound with their ingenuity and creativity. A diverse, colourful and unique approach overflowing with energy and optimism.

Pieces that ‘grow’

At the upcoming Cevisama fair, Pamesa’s innovative use of digital technology is on show in the firm’s new 120×120 centimetre large format pieces, complementing the existing range of 30×60, 60×60, 37,5×75, 75×75, 20×120 and 60×120 centimetre formats. The intrinsic beauty of marble, the most avant-garde cement looks and the timelessness of neutral colours frame collections that meet every desire for natural authenticity.

The charm of hydraulics

Pamesa’s Art collection breathes new life into the mid-nineteenth century art nouveau tradition, a collection of hydraulic-inspired tiles in porcelain gres where artisan and vintage touches harmonise with cosmopolitan modernity. A blend of patterns, shapes and colours reminiscent of a splendid creative past, 22×22 centimetre pieces designed to enhance any setting and highlight the personality of each space.

Voluminous surfaces

Due to huge professional demand, white body wall tiles have become one of Pamesa’s enduring aesthetic references. The firm extends its Eden collection with ideas in 30.3×60.5 centimetre formats and superior added value, complemented with decorative pieces to create incredible visual and tactile sensations.

Innovations that respond to all professional architecture and interior design needs are waiting to be discovered at Pamesa Cerámica’s stand in Feria Valencia, located on Level 2, Pavilion 1, B42.



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