In the mid 20th century, a trend known as “mid-century” came to the fore, with certain Modernist echoes. It sought to bring a new futurist look to architecture and design, transforming the 1950s into a golden age of creativity and technological development. Mid-century designs stand out for their unpretentiousness, while still managing to exert a strong power of attraction. They also reflect the spirit of the Swinging 60s– a 1960s cultural revolution in London conspicuous for its optimism, originality and colour.

The JUBILEE collection has revived this trend, taking contemporary mid-century London styles as its reference, with modern designs, unpretentious finishes, functionality and geometric shapes. With this collection, classic elegant models like KILBURN or WATERLOO can be combined with bold ones in hexagonal formats or border tiles. In JUBILEE’s bid to incorporate natural looks, wood was chosen as a distinguishing feature, as illustrated by GREEN PARK. This highly original tile model pays tribute to the warmth of wood in addition to its texture, veins and geometries.

Waterloo Sly 45×45 + Bond St Ártico 25×50 + Wembley Artico 25×50

Colour is by no means a secondary feature of the collection. Instead it acts as a leitmotif, playing an important sensory role and helping to ensure harmonious end results. This is the case of BOND ST MULTICOLOR, a model whose lines can be used to different chromatic effect depending on how the tiles are laid. In contrast, MAYFAIR is made up of five monochrome hexagonal tiles: Navi, a restful-looking model; Grana, conceived to add a chic touch to settings; Vert, conspicuous for its serenity and innovative appeal; Ocre, with a warmth and luminosity perfect for adding a special touch of colour;and Grafito, with a sobriety and elegance that is wholly British.

Mayfair Vert 23×20 + Carnaby 22,3×22,3

This trend takes advantage of juxtaposed materials and patterns and so JUBILEE combines different sources of inspiration, with woods, hexagons, border tiles decorated with tactile relief textures, cement surfaces in innovative formats (as is the case of LAMBETH), stracciatella effects in pastel shades (in the case of CARNABY) or interpretations of classic Delft pottery in the case of SLOANE. These are the star features of a collection that goes one step beyond: a collection that invites you to test out different possibilities, to take risks and to play around. JUBILEE is a collection with broad potential and endless possible effects.  

A series full of magic that you can discover at Cersaie, Bologna Fiere: HALL 14, STAND B19-C20.


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