Slate Way and Fiume, Pamesa’s two new imitation stone designs

There’s no question that stone and cement have become go-to materials in the designs of the 21st century, and they continue to maintain their position as the most attractive, resistant and durable option chosen by interior designers and designers. Stone provides a magical type of beauty and makes any environment the epitome of luxury and distinction. If you opt for stone when designing your interiors, you’ll see how the space changes, with a greater feeling of spaciousness where the light hits the surfaces with a very special shine to it…


This has been the source of inspiration when creating ranges such as Fiume, a stone marked by the passage of water, achieving a design that reflects restrained elegance in its five shades: perla, grigio, nero, beige and blu. You’ll also find Slate Way, a range inspired by a Brazilian slate whose play of contrasts and different tones is a great source of character and personality.

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