Olimpo, timeless purity

Olimpo is finesse at its finest. It’s a new ceramic proposal that Pamesa Cerámica presented last week at the Cersaie fair. With the aesthetic elegance of marbles, it’s created as a synonymous with timeless purity.

This series, in porcelain tiles, is available in two finishes: Compacglass y Leviglass. The second one is the new high gloss polished finish of Pamesa Cerámica, a luminous solution in ceramic tiles can amplify the natural light in any setting, opening up new decorative potential. The versatility is further increased through its a wide selection of formats in which Olimpo is available: 75×7560×6030×6037,5×37,5.


Pieces in 75×75 with a Leviglass finish has been chosen for this environment, guaranteeing a visual chromatic balance. Pieces of large dimensions that give a luminous decorative solutions filling this living area with luminosity.

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