Época Roble: Café Veranda


Café Veranda is located in a privilege spot in the Belarusian city of Grodno. A busy venue that combines the best in culinary delights with elegant interior design and a veranda overlooking beautiful vistas.

The choice of materials has a lot to do with the quality and visual balance of this refurbished establishment. The project used porcelain stoneware in 22×85 centimetre format from Pamesa Cerámica’s Época Roble collection, which transfers the charm of wood to ceramic tiles, but with the added value that it does not deteriorate with use, it is resistant to any climatic conditions and it needs no particular special care. The collection is available in a wide range of colours: Abeto, Ébano, Nogal, Nuez, Roble and Teka.


The inside of the cafeteria comprises various well-lit airy spaces where Época floor tiles have been used, giving a feel of continuity to the whole venue. The ceramic pieces combine textures, shapes and materials to fashion spaces that radiate harmony, functionality and distinction.


The outside section of the cafeteria takes on a natural air with Pamesa’s wood effect tiles, creating an elegant terrace designed to last over time. This material provides a warm, hospitable touch, making it the focal point of the decor.

A project that brings together relaxed and creative elegance, shaping a contemporary indoor area interwoven with natural outdoor touches, highlighting the spirit and personality of Café Veranda.

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