Fran Escribá: “I will try to improve this great team”

Villarreal CF President, Fernando Roig, welcomes Fran Escribá as the new Manager of the Submarine. The new Villarreal CF Manager, Fran Escribá, was very enthusiastic at his presentation as new Manager of the Submarine, where he was accompanied by President Fernando Roig.Fran Escribá recognised that it was an opportunity he could not let slip by: “It is a great opportunity. It was a surprise, but I’m really excited to be here and want to help. This club does things very well. Our ambition is to have a great year and make sure this club keeps being successful. It’s difficult to say no to a club like Villarreal, despite the fact that it’s a really great challenge. Any person with their head on straight cannot say no to this club. This opportunity was unthinkable a few days ago”.

The Valencia born Manager expressed that his way of playing is very similar to the way Villarreal have been playing for the past few seasons: “We will try to keep improving this great team. We come to help. Our style of play is similar to that which Villarreal has been developing over several years. Our idea is to continue this project. The main thing is to make the most of the quality that this team has. I’ve always liked how Villarreal play. They have always been an organised side, I like that because they know how they play. I’m going to contribute things that I think we can improve on. My ideas go very well with what we have”.

Fran Escribá stated the following aim for the Submarine: “It’s very important for the club to play in the Champions League, but I haven’t seen anxiety at any moment. In the changing room the feelings are very good. Despite the injuries, I think we have enough to get through this Champions League Play-off tie”.

Fernando Roig: “Escribá is the future of Villarreal”

For his part, Villarreal CF President, Fernando Roig, welcomed Fran Escribá: “He is a well-known Manager to all. I hope he helps us to have a great season. This has all gone very fast and on Wednesday we have a very significant challenge. Escribá is the future of Villarreal”.

Fernando Roig also wanted to thank Marcelino and his management team for their services: “I would like to thank Marcelino and his colleagues for their work. For three years and a half they have been helping us to achieve great things. They started with the team in the Second Division A, got promoted to the First Division and know we are in the Champions League Play-offs. I wih them all the best for the future”.

Lastly, the head of the Yellows sent a message of encouragement to Soldado, who will be operated on tomorrow for his right knee injury: “I send a very big message of support to our player Soldado, who will be operated on tomorrow in Gijón. With him injured, we will look for solutions because we have to act against this adversity”.

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