Villarreal CF presents the ‘Estadio de la Cerámica’

Villarreal CF has unveiled the new name of its stadium today. From now on, the former El Madrigal will be called the ‘Estadio de la Cerámica’ (Ceramic Tile Stadium), as a symbol that represents and identifies the province of Castellón, becoming a proud ambassador of one of the best products in our region and a showcase of the extraordinary properties of its materials. In addition, with this new initiative the club will generate a new source of revenue, as many ceramic companies in the region have decided to join the project as partners, obtaining brand presence in various advertising spaces in the stadium with the corresponding national and international visibility. The companies that are part of the ‘Estadio de la Cerámica’ are: Pamesa, Porcelanosa and Argenta Cerámica as the Main Sponsors; and Tau Cerámica, Bestile, Esmalglass- Itaca and Colorobbia as Official Sponsors.

From now on, the South Stand will feature a facade that will be completely covered with high gloss porcelain stoneware in the colour yellow, representative of Villarreal CF. A material of great aesthetic elegance, for which a vanguard state of the art polishing process has been used. A top quality ceramic with magnificent features such as thermal insulation and excellent sun and acoustic protection. 2,000 square meters of this stoneware have been placed with the ventilated facade system. Everything with a system of double fixation for maximum security.

The front is illuminated with a modern and revolutionary LED light system. More than 500 light points make for amazing results. A digitally controlled system that allows changes in colors and effects, to be able to alternate different designs and styles. A formula of lighting of high performance and low consumption, thanks to the regulation of times and intensities that has an impact on energy saving.

The surroundings of the ‘Estadio de la Cerámica’ have also been transformed, since a new diaphanous square has been built, with ceramic materials on the pavement and sidewalks. The people in this square will have a great perspective of the stadium and it will serve as meeting point and space for fan activities before football matches. With this new work, security has also been notably improved, as there will be greater fluidity in the circulation of people in the surrounding areas and on the evacuation routes from the pitch. In addition, all neighbors of Vila-real will benefit from a new space prepared for the development of all kinds of events, since a warehouse and locker area are also located in the basement of the stadium.

Villarreal CF’s stadium has always been in the same location. It was inaugurated on June 17th, 1923 under the name of “Campo del Villarreal”, although only two years later it was renamed “El Madrigal” – the name of the local precinct in Vila-real – keeping this denomination for almost a century. The new ‘Estadio de la Cerámica‘ project is perfectly adapted to and represents the philosophy and policy of the club, based on permanent support and collaboration to enable the economic growth of the different sectors of the province of Castellón, which it proudly represents. In fact, under the corporate brand Endavant, the entity has been collaborating for more than a decade in an economic and social way through various activities carried out for social, cultural, sporting and educational purposes in Castellón.

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