Cr. Belvedere, the new series of Pamesa Ceramica inspired by the classic Fior di Bosco marble.

Cr. Belvedere is inspired by the striking colours of Fior di Bosco marble, characterized by its fossil traces and by the depth of its delicate slender white veins.

Cr. Belvedere Ivory 75×150 and 120×120

Cr. Belvedere is mystery and elegance. The series comes in a wide choice of colours, ranging from lead grey or smoky shades like Pearl or Marengo to creamy natural ones like Ivory and White.

Cr. Belvedere White and Pearl in 60×120

Cr. Belvedere was created for the MATERIA catalogue and is available in a wide variety of formats with a polished and natural finish: 30×60, 60×60, 60×120, 90×90, 75×150 and 120x120cm.

Cr. Belvedere Ivory 90×90

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