Pamesa presents its collection TENDENZA

Brush strokes. Inspiration… Everything evokes Art. Hand drawings by great artists that are reminiscent of vegetation and natural landscapes. That’s Lilla, Eden, Serena, Giardino, and Foglia; a world of sensations and exclusive creations that make our feelings flourish.


A vibrant design, inspired by nights on tropical islands. Serena boasts an intense and mysterious black background which is covered with metallic leaves and large-scale palm trees.


A range that portrays a scene reminiscent of the classic Garden of Earthly Delights. Eden features a dark base, with delicate hand-drawn floral motifs, in a palette of vibrant orange and violet tones.


Giardino recreates a mural of botanical illustrations in a palette of green and emerald tones. An elegant and sophisticated design that will transform your interiors into a tropical jungle.


Characterised by its textured effect, as if it were a piece of linen, Foglia combines a neutral background with large leaves, in a palette that draws on earthy tones with green details.


With a vintage aesthetic, Lilla is a tropical decor brimming with colours and elegant details in a range of pastel tones. A floral design in shades of pink, granite, and mustard that will fill your room with a nature-inspired look.


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