5 ideas for small bathrooms


Who said a small bathroom couldn’t be attractive? Aktuell brings you multiple ideas to revamp a small bathroom, a new collection from Pamesa where beauty is perfectly compatible with functionality.

When space is tight, the right choice and combination of materials is vital. Aktuell has been created to inspire you, evoking thousand-year-old landscapes full of intense sandy colours, subtle forests where greens and browns go hand in hand, incredible moments in the world’s most amazing cities. Wall tiles in red body and  20 x 45,2 and 20 x 60 centimetre formats offering infinite possibilities to set your imagination free to decorate every corner of your bathroom exactly to your taste.

#1. All white


Putting white centre stage in bathroom decor is always an excellent choice since it gives the impression of a much larger, brighter space. Combine smooth pieces with striped relief finishes like the Mitte and Mitte Relieve used in this bathroom. The wall tiles are coordinated with 20×60 Wald Light floor tiles.

#2. Relief tiles


Increase the decorative quality of your bathroom by mixing smooth and relief tiles. This bathroom uses Damm Blanco  wall tiles combined with Damm Relieve as a differentiating element that moves away from traditional lines and forms to give an extra impression of depth. 20×60 centimetre Wald Silver tiles are used for the floor.

#3. Contrasting walls


Colour defines the different parts of this bathroom, differentiating the washbasin space from the shower area and giving an extra decorative impact. Alte Blanco, in matte, brings a fresh, light touch while Postdam Taupe emphasises the elegance and functionality of this collection. Desert tone from the Wald floor tile series, in 20×60 centimetres, harmonises perfectly with the colours of the wall tiles and the bathroom furniture.

#4. Elegance in one colour


If what you want is a delicate, relaxing space, Postdam Ceniza and Postdam Relieve are the best choices for your bathroom. Decorated in excellent taste with just one colour, here the lively textures give an especially attractive effect. The strong monochrome of the greys is accentuated by the 20 x 60 centimetre Wald Silver floor tiles.

#5. Gloss or matte?


Aktuell gives you the choice of gloss or matte finishes. A gloss finish is recommended for those who want a more luxurious touch and an easy-to-clean material, while the matte effect is more sophisticated and discreet. Markt Neutro and Markt Relieve are combined in this space with the Wald Light floor tile in 20×60 centimetre format.

To sum up, this collection will bring out the very best in your bathrooms; take advantage of all it has to offer and enjoy the results.

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