Duncan malla: wall tile with relief

Combining art and nature, the Duncan malla emerges as a way of connecting the individual with  decoration that is beautiful both to the eye and to the touch.

This wall covering, designed by Pamesa Cerámica, generates a series of volumetric effects that can bring any space to life, creating environments that stand out for their elegance and design. A wall tile in gres porcelain stoneware in 30×30 format designed to draw attention to the forms and the material used more than the decoration itself.

With a base of semi-polished and natural porcelain, it offers a symbiosis of the Age Wood and Age Beton series, which makes a comeback inspired in wood and cement to comprise the base of this mesh with a rectified finish. The result is a semi-polished piece without joints designed to be integrated in all sorts of decorative styles and maintain just the right harmony.

Conceived as a multi-purpose piece, it overflows with sensory experiences determined by its relief surface which makes this mesh distinctively unique. This versatility is heightened by its wide range of colours: blanco, ceniza, moka, arena, taupe y negro.


The Duncan malla, in white, is part of the personality of this living area, thanks to its exquisite design that gives this room its refined charm. A decor complemented with 50 x 100 format porcelain pieces. The Age Wood Blanco wall tiles and the Age Wood Taupe floor tiles generate a subtle contrast that reflects sensations of warmth and comfort.

malla duncan-2

The sand tone of the Duncan malla is an excellent choice for this space, where 50×100 format Age Wood arena series tiles cover the walls. Age Blend Moka (60×60) floor tiles guarantee the balance of colour in this environment, bringing decoration closer to the essence of functionality.

A ceramic piece with a unique and modern approach that can be placed to provide a unique style to any area in the minimalist decor trend.

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