Clinker, Agatha and Vetro: Atalaya School

Located in the town of Estepona (Málaga), the new Atalaya School opened at the start of the 2014-2015 academic year. This bilingual school also incorporates a newly built centre on a campus of more than 16,000 m2 equipped with the latest technologies and materials to facilitate the learning process.

The architect Rafael Escassi led the project, alongside technical architect and building engineer José Carlos Casablanca who supervised and managed the construction work. Pamesa’s ceramic solutions were chosen for this school, based on an architectural conception that seeks to provide a place where students can develop in simulating surroundings that are at the same time modern, safe and functional.


With the technical quality of Pamesa’s porcelain tiles, Clinker was the series chosen for the walls of this ventilated façade that contributes to the building’s energy efficiency. This long-lasting and waterproof system has an excellent performance against heat and cold, while at the same time offering an aesthetic that other materials find difficult to match. Pieces in 45×90 centimetres in the colour marengo are guaranteed to attract interest in the architecture of the school’s main building.


Inside, the school is divided into different spaces and levels that interconnect in such a way that a visual link is achieved between them. The Agatha and Vetro collections were used in the bathrooms, which were designed with the students in mind, offering a fresh, youthful look.

Agatha blanco is the base colour used in the bathrooms for the smallest children, combined with Agatha Puzle in the colours naranja, pistacho and turquesa. These pieces in 25×40 centimetre white body tiles have a colourful energy that brings personality and vitality into these spaces.


In the older children’s bathrooms, the colour contrast between the wall tiles takes centre stage. The combination of Vetro Blanco and Vetro Relieve Malva pieces, in 25×40 centimetres, gives a fresh air ideal for this bathroom. This space is floored with tiles from the Crea series, providing resistance, functionality and an attractive aesthetic.

This project uses materials with technical characteristics that provide solutions to the needs of the school, whose philosophy goes beyond teaching knowledge, to stimulate the development of capacities among its students.

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