A spectacular start to the PAMESA LaLiga Promises

Absolutely amazing. The opening ceremony of the XXVI edition of the PAMESA LaLiga Promises National Tournament, sponsored by PAMESA, was celebrated in the square outside the Estadio de la Cerámica this afternoon. The event showcased all the participating teams and was graced by a spectacular performance from the Xarxa Theatre company, from Vila-real, who delighted onlookers with stellar performances, full of colours.

Just before the presentation for the tournament a respectful moment of silence was held in memory of Vila-real’s Deputy Mayor, Pasqual Batalla. The event was led by Villarreal CF President, Fernando Roig, the President of Cosejo Superior de Deports, José Ramón Lete, and renowned journalist, José Ramón de la Morena, who is also the Presdient of the José Ramón de la Morena Foundation.

The setting and the show were unbeatable. The Estadio de la Cerámica square hosted a fantastic event in which 20 of the participating teams walked out one by one onto the artificial pitch placed down for the occasion. A perfect presentation.

The competition will kick off tomorrow, Friday 16th June, and will be disputed until Sunday 18th June at the PAMESA Cerámica Training Ground. The tournament will bring together U12s teams from the First Division in a competition organized by LaLiga and the José Ramón de la Morena Foundation. It should also be stated that on Sunday, before the final, the All Stars match will take place; a brilliant game that will take place on the pitch at the PAMESA Cerámica Training Ground with some of the greatest legends in Spanish football.

The elite of youth football nationwide

The competition, which will be televised on the La Sexta and GOL TV channels as well as the official LaLiga YouTube channel, will be divided into four groups with five teams in each. Villarreal U12 will compete in Group A to try and get through to the Round of 16. The composition of the groups is as follows:

Group A: Villarreal, Athletic, Betis, Sporting and Celta.

Group B: Real Madrid, Espanyol, Real Sociedad, Osasuna and Alavés.

Group C: Barcelona, Valencia, Leganés, Granada and Málaga.

Group D: Atlético de Madrid, Sevilla, Deportivo, Eibar and Las Palmas.

The matches will kick off this Friday 16th June from 10am at the Ciutat Esportiva PAMESA Cerámica. The match schedule is as follows:

Friday 16th June 2017:


Villarreal-Celta (Pitch 1, TV).

Athletic Club-Betis (Pitch 2).

Real Madrid-Osasuna (Pitch 3).


Espanyol-Alavés (Pitch 1, TV).

Leganés-Granada (Pitch 2).

Barcelona-Valencia (Pitch 3).


Deportivo-Atlético Madrid (Pitch 1, TV).

Sevilla-Las Palmas (Pitch 2).

Sporting-Betis (Pitch 3).


Villarreal-Athletic Club (Pitch 1, TV).

Espanyol-Real Sociedad (Pitch 2).

Real Madrid-Alavés (Pitch 3).


Barcelona-Granada (Pitch 1, TV).

Leganés-Málaga (Pitch 2).

Atlético Madrid-Las Palmas (Pitch 3).


Sevilla-Eibar (Pitch 1 TV).

Athletic Club-Celta (Pitch 2).

Real Sociedad-Osasuna (Pitch 3).


Valencia-Granada (Pitch 1, TV).

Deportivo-Las Palmas (Pitch 2).


Sporting-Villarreal (Pitch 1, TV).

Betis-Celta (Pitch 2).

Espanyol-Osasuna (Pitch 3).


Real Madrid-Real Sociedad (Pitch 1, TV).

Valencia-Leganés (Pitch 2).

Barcelona-Málaga (Pitch 3).


Atlético Madrid-Eibar (Pitch 1, TV).

Deportivo-Sevilla (Pitch 2).

Sporting-Athletic (Pitch 3).


Espanyol-Real Madrid (Pitch 1, TV).

Granada-Málaga (Pitch 2).

Osasuna-Alavés (Pitch 3).


Betis-Villarreal (Pitch 1, TV).

Sporting-Celta (Pitch 2).

Eibar-Las Palmas (Pitch 3).


Atlético-Sevilla (Pitch 1, TV).

Valencia-Málaga (Pitch 2).

Real Sociedad-Alavés (Pitch 3).


Barcelona-Leganés (Pitch 1, TV).

Deportivo-Eibar (Pitch 2).

On Saturday 17th June the Round of 16 and the quarter-finals will take place from 10am to 8pm. Then on Sunday, 18th June, the semi-finals will take place at 10am and 11am. The final will be at 1pm on Sunday 18th June at 1pm and subsequently the trophy presentation.

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Torneo Pamesa LaLiga Promises

Torneo Pamesa LaLiga Promises

Inauguración en la plaza del Estadio de la Cerámica


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