Villarreal CF play King’s Cup return match tonight

Villarreal CF play their return match against FC Barcelona in the semi-finals of the King’s Cup at 20.00 tonight in El Madrigal.

Today the Submarine needs the support of its fans more than ever to fight its way back from the 3-1 result of the away match. That’s why the club, together with the Agrupació de Penyes de Villarreal (APV, the Villarreal Club Supporters Group), has organised an evening of festivities starting at 18.00 when the doors of the APV headquarters will open (located below the corner of the Fondo Sur and Preferencia inside El Madrigal stadium, with access from Calle Almassora).

A series of events are planned with the aim of filling the streets of Villarreal and the stadium’s terraces with yellow. When the team arrive on the official coach at 18.35, the Submarine’s fans will be there to receive them and give them their support and urge them through to a historic final. Once inside El Madrigal, they will fill the stadium with 20,000 balloons, adding yet more colour to the terraces. When the players come out onto the field, the fans will wave the balloons in the air and once the Villarreal CF anthem has finished, they will burst them in unison in a show of support for the team.

To show your support for the Submarine, use the hashtag #SiSePuede in the social networks.


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