Grand Opening of Pamesa Cerámica Training Ground

Grand opening. Last Friday the new Pamesa Cerámica Training Ground hosted its first official event with the presentation of the teams from CD Roda, a club that Villarreal CF has had a collaboration agreement with since 2006.

A total of 600 players, forming 32 teams, plus 42 teams from the junior players’ escoleta paraded round the magnificent new grounds at an event presided over by the president of Villarreal CF, Fernando Roig, and the president of CD Roda, Jorge Roda. In a ceremony led by the journalist Xavi Sidro, “the parade of all the CD Roda teams culminated in a spectacular group photograph.

The Pamesa Cerámica Training Ground was built as part of the agreement signed by the two clubs, in which it was envisaged for the use and enjoyment of the CD Roda teams. The facilities are now operational and from today will be in full swing with the teams’ scheduled training sessions and cardiology tests.

With the addition of the Pamesa Cerámica Training Ground, Vila-real is now a true ‘football city’, with two sports complexes designed to bring on its young players. Located in the south of the city with excellent accesses, the new Training Ground covers an area of over 40,000 square metres and has three 11-a-side pitches and one 8-a-side pitch, together with two stands for 250 spectators.

The complex’s modern two-storey building, all clad in ceramic tiles, is equipped with the latest energy saving advances in the form of solar panels, low energy LED lighting and optimum use of resources: recycled grey water is used to water the grounds. The facilities have all the equipment needed for its sports activities to run smoothly: a large gym equipped with the latest technology, 24 changing rooms for the different categories and a room kitted out to accommodate the medical team, where Villarreal CF will provide medical attention for more than 8,000 young people from 40 teams across the province as part of its social project ‘Endavant Futbol Provincial’; this service will also offer over 2,000 cardiology tests each season.

Thanks to this new facility, some 600 young people from the province will be able to enjoy the new Pamesa Cerámica Training Ground, an ideal place for developing as footballers. Villarreal CF strengthens its base and expands its youth academy with an eye to the future. A modest, accessible and family club, its aspiration is to continue as an international sporting reference.

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