Valencia Basket, sole leader in the Endesa League


Valencia Basket is standing its ground at the top of the Endesa League following its victory against Herbalife Gran Canaria (86-61) yesterday in which the virtues of the taronja team’s collective spirit took over the match after the halftime break. A 26-10 partial in a spectacular third quarter was decisive in giving the team its eighth win in the national championship and holding on to its unbeaten record this season. In another great team effort, the inner players Justin Hamilton (16-7) and Luke Sikma (12 points and 7 assists) were outstanding.

In the words of the taronja’s coach Pedro Martínez it was a “very interesting” match; he went on to say that “we should be pretty satisfied with the defence and the intensity, all the players are mentally in really good form. A good team effort, with everyone playing their part, and it’s a great feeling when the team is on top. Solidarity, very satisfied”.

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