Pamesa and Valencia Basket celebrate 1,000 matches together


Sunday 17 January is the date of a historical encounter between Valencia Basket and CAI Zaragoza at the Fonteta. Valencia Basket will play their 1000th match in the Endesa League with Pamesa Cerámica as its official sponsor.

The players will sport new kit reviving the design of the shirt from the first match the team played in the ACB League in the 88-89 season. A limited edition of these commemorative shirts goes on sale to fans today in the official Valencia Basket shop at the price of 40 euros.

Based on the shirt Pamesa Valencia players wore in their first ACB League match on 15 October 1988 against Caja Guipúzcoa, the design of this commemorative shirt retains essential aspects of the original like the white background with complementary red, the historic name “Pamesa Valencia” on the front of the jersey and the layout of the main features of the shirt.

Among the new features of this retro edition of the first ‘elite’ team shirt is the full list, at the bottom of the back of the shirt, of all the players who have debuted in at least one official match, and the slogan “1.000 partits ACB” (1,000 ACB matches) on the front, just below the team name Pamesa Valencia.

Pamesa Valencia on the front

For this match, replicating the design of the shirt from the first ACB season, the front of the shirt bears what was the name of the club for over 20 years: Pamesa Valencia. The ceramic tile firm once again demonstrates its commitment to the club as the main sponsor of this 1000th game in the Endesa League.

List of 1,000 ACB matches

Printed on the shirt are the names of the 237 players who have played at least one official match, and the 19 coaches that have been part of the club over its 30-year history. The list includes the pioneers who helped the club achieve promotion to the ACB League, the players with the most matches like Luengo, Rodilla and Rafa Martínez, and the most recent debut from this season, Josep Puerto.

Souvenir 1,000 ACB matches

Below the name of the sponsor appears the slogan “1.000 partits ACB” (1,000 ACB matches) as a commemorative souvenir of the original shirt, lending the kit a special touch of exclusivity.

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