Pamesa Cerámica supports World Environment Day

Today, we are celebrating the World Environment Day. Pamesa Ceramica joins this celebration, giving its support to the sum of actions and gestures that makes possible the path of a more sustainable economy. It reaffirms its commitment to this area every day, which is based on:

  • Revaluation of waste from the production process. The company has a plant for the recovery of wastewater, that enables the evaluation of many of the residues generated in a very high percentage.
  • Classification of waste products into skips for recovering and recycling light packaging and cardboard and paper.
  • Environmentally friendly energies. The firm has three cogeneration turbines to produce electricity and re-gas.
  • It contributes to the fight against deforestation by using euro pallets.
  • Development of products with environmentally friendly material, thanks to the natural characteristics of ceramic and the latest advances in manufacturing.
  • Commitment to research in environmentally friendly production systems and innovative solutions for sustainable construction.

As Pamesa Cerámica is aware of the importance of the environment issue, it has developed a culture of environmental awareness in order to minimize the environmental impact and optimize the production process.

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