Decorate your home with industrial style materials

Industrial style has captivated the interior decor scene. Taking its inspiration from twentieth century factories, Pamesa Cerámica brings you a selection of materials that will help to turn your house into a home.

Proposals with an exquisite charm that maintain a common ground: the recuperation of the balance of the natural essence inspired by the ancient ‘ateliers’, giving personality and functionality to all interior areas.


Castilla, in 60 x 60 format and crema marfil colour, is used as floor tiles in this living room, dominated by the purity of nature, but giving an exquisite contemporary touch. An industrial look that, like the other decorative elements, guarantee character and movement to this area. An elegant environment with floor tiles that provide a great visual impact.


Also inspired by this style, Castle Cenere, in 20 x 60 format, offers the natural wood-effect beauty giving a contrast effect that focuses the attention on the space. A chromatic fusion that makes it more appealing, a pleasant sensory experience with that extra warmth so necessary.

Due to its versatility, the reminiscences in wood from these industrial-looking floor tiles means that is well suited to all types of spaces. The crossed interleaving pattern makes it more evocative, adding dynamism and distinction to the area.


Quartz Arena (30,3 × 61,3) looks fabulously chic in this environment, enjoying natural beauty with the sand tonality from the floor tiles. A material that enhances the sensation of light and space, whilst complying, at the same time, with the industrial look style.

Decorate your home with these materials with an industrial touch, ideal for its timeless character and for its capacity to enhance the visual expanse. It creates spaces with a lack of visual interruptions, where the contrast reaches its maximum expression.

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