Five small tile models for dressing up the home

Small-format tiles are the in thing. Our growing Jubilee collection revolves around these kinds of tiles, since they can be used to create distinctive, colourful visual interplay, perfect for highlighting basin and shower areas or the fronts of kitchen cabinets. What’s more, if the room isn’t very big, because more small tiles are needed, they will lend it an added spacious feel.

  • This winter, we’ve being presenting a smaller tile model: the MAYFAIR series in a 6.5x20cm format. Available in Jubilee’s classic colours (Ocre, Grana, Vert, Grafito, Negro, Blanco and Navi), it comes in a glossy finish with a Majolica effect. The advantage of this format is the different ways in which it can be laid, such as in herringbone or brickwork style. There’s no end to its potential for creativity. (See the gallery of settings with possible tile-laying options).   
Mayfair Blanco 6,5×20 – Oldmanor Tabaco 25×150
  • We continue with the MAYFAIR series, turning this time to its hexagonal 19.8×22.8 format in the same colours. Unlike the previous model, this one can be used on floors of all kinds because these are porcelain tiles. Hence you can choose where you want to use them; for instance, in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms or as decorative ceramic rugs.
Essen Sand 90×90 – Mayfair Vert 19x8x22,8 – List. Jey Vert 3×60 – Essen Sand 45×90
  • CARNABY, on the other hand, comes in both a hexagonal 19.8×22.8 format and a square 22.3×22.3 one. With its stracciatella design on a grey background, it can be used to create matching tiled wall and floor surfaces, just like Mayfair.
Omnia Neutro 30×60 – Carnaby 19,8×22,8 – Mayfair Grana 6,5×20
  • Another series from the Jubilee collection is QUEENSBURY, presented at Cevisama in 2020. Its comes in the same well-known seven colours as Mayfair, although it differs in its format; in this case a 7.5×26.5 navette format. Thanks to its vibrant colours, this glossy white-body series adds the necessary crowning touch of distinction to small basin or kitchen areas.
Queensbury Ocre 7,5×26,5
  • Lastly, SLOANE is a porcelain tile model that stands out for its originality. A perfect balance of floral and geometrical patterns can be achieved by combining the 19.8×22.8 Mayfair Navi model with Lambeth’s field tiles in a hexagonal or square format. Thanks to the latter’s traditional relief texture, surfaces can be created where the tiles instantly draw all eyes.
Sloane 22,3×22,3Lambeth 22,3×22,3 Nera Roble 25×150

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