5 ideas for blue bathrooms

If there is one colour that brings summer to mind, it’s blue. The colour blue calms and revitalises the mind, inspires harmony and relaxation, and breathes life and freshness into any space.

We bring you 5 ideas for bathrooms inspired by the shimmering light of the sea, the blues of the deep ocean waters and the freshness of summer.

#1. Blues and whites for walls

Combine the blues of smooth and relief pieces with white wall tiles for guaranteed success. This bathroom is tiled in Mitte, from the Aktuell collection, balancing colours to create a tranquil, spacious atmosphere.

#2. Blue relief tiles for the shower

The shower area is highlighted in this bathroom, tiled in Platz from the Aktuell collection. The calming combination of the white wall tile and the wood-effect floor tile Fronda gives a fresh and function feel.

#3. Ceramic wallpaper effect

Tiles inspired by wallpaper patterns are a must this season, full of advantages of durability and easy maintenance. A blend of stripes from Touch and the floral prints of Grace, from La Maison collection, bring out the best in this bathroom.

#4. Geometric patterned tiles

Colours ranging from white and cream to blue and brown prevail here. Tiles from the Royals collection that blend elegant shapes with smooth patterns, resulting in a beautifully dynamic composition.

#5. Blue wall tiles, centre stage in this bathroom

Noble ceramic tiles, from the Royals collection, set off one contrasting wall in this bathroom to break up the single tone, adding a vigorous touch of colour. The warmth and natural look of the Royals miel floor tiles complete the picture.

In sum, 5 bathroom suggestions with smooth, relief and patterned tiles in blue, the go-to colour for summer. Solutions that combine the resistance of ceramics and the beauty of design to transform your bathroom into a calming, intimate and functional space.

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