K-Sintex, the personality of industrial metals

Commercial areas, shops, hotels or restaurants, K-Sintex’s superior quality and technical specifications make it the ideal solution for walls and floors in zones where only the best will do. This porcelain gres, with its wide range of formats, finishes and colours, falls halfway between the authentic look of metal finishes and the personality of rusts, giving each interior a unique significance.

From the Koncept collection, this series comes in the colours Cooper, Iron, Silver and Steel, in 30×60, 37.5×75, 20×120, 60×120 centimetre formats.


K-Sintex’s carefully designed pieces result in striking colour tones guaranteeing an infinite range of potential combinations, making ideal partners for blending with other natural look materials.


Innovative in its texture and captivating in its industrial character, this series highlights the power of design and forms the focal point of every space. Its unique aesthetic gives K-Sintex its distinct personality, full of sinuous and extraordinary movement.

A series that brings back metals with a contemporary and innovative flair. K-Sintex, personality for large surface areas with the durability and resistance of porcelain gres.

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