A decade at Villarreal CF

Villarreal president Fernando Roig acted as a master of ceremonies yesterday when the club paid tribute to eight players that this season have achieved ten seasons within the ranks of the Villarreal CF, club sponsored by Pamesa Cerámica.

During the event, Roig thanked all participants for their involvement and dedication for over all these 10 years and presented them with a commemorative Submarine as a high-point memento of their 10 seasons within Yelow Submarine. “Ten years may appear a short time to many people, but there are many days of work, trainings, matches, trips…It’s a great effort and it’s a great honor for us that they continue in this club. For this reason, we must thank them for it and recognize the tremendous sacrifice they have done all these years”.

The celebration has been attended as well by an exceptional player, Pablo Íñíguez, who is player of the first rate team and has developed his career full in the yelow club. According to the center, the bond formed through Villarreal trascends all professional boundaries for a long time: “This club is like my own home. I’ve grown up here, I’ve become player here and  have made me the person that I am today. I think it’s a club to grow, a club that supports the Villarreal’s farm team and it’s s proving that this support is successful . “

  • Paul Iniguez de Heredia Larraz ( first team ) . January 20, 1994 ( 20 years). Puçol
  • Borja Gómez Bataller (Villarreal C). October 20, 1994 (19 years) . La Pobla de Vallbona
  • Sandra Navarro Bou ( Female A). July 1, 1994 (19 years) . Onda
  • Beatriz Prades Insa ( Female B). November 16, 1996 ( 17 years). Onda
  • Paula Antolí Cantavella (Women C). March 22, 1998 (16 years) . Vila -real
  • Vicent Abaso Bellido ( Cadete A). January 7, 1998 (16 years) . Burriana
  • Edgar Martinez Cabrera ( Cadete B). January 28, 1998 (16 years) . Vila -real
  • David Tarin Sabater ( Cadet Roda ) . February 10, 1998 (16 years) . Burriana



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