Gómez Noya, five times world champion

Epic. The triathlon athlete sponsored by Pamesa Cerámica made history yesterday in Chicago as the first person to win five world titlesJavier Gómez Noya was proclaimed world triathlon champion for the fifth time when he reached second place at the end of the circuit in Chicago, the first man to win the title so many times, (2008, 2010, 2013, 2014 and 2015), leaving behind the British athlete Simon Lessing.

He did not need a victory to secure the title; it was enough to cross the finishing line after his compatriot Mario Mola, who repeated his 2014 performance with the silver. But there was no question of any arrangement between the two Spaniards who are also good friends; both of them clearly put everything they had into winning in Chicago. In the swimming Mola was ahead of Gómez Noya, who came out of the water in fifteenth place and it took him practically all of the first of the nine cycle laps to catch up with the pack.

After the first four laps in the running Noya and Mola left the rest of the favourites behind. In the second lap it was obvious one of them was going to win and that the two first positions in the championship were filled: 1st Javier and 2nd Mario. The gap kept getting wider and in the last lap they both changed pace several times in the battle to get ahead. It was in the last kilometre that the Mallorcan pulled ahead of the Galician, avoiding the final sprint and letting them both celebrate their success separately in the final straight before hugging each other on crossing the line.

 “I am extremely happy, it still hasn’t sunk in what I’ve actually achieved. I felt really good right through the triathlon. When I saw that I was neck and neck with Mario it was a great relief because I knew I’d got the title in the bag, but of course I still put all my effort into winning today. But it wasn’t to be and my congratulations go to Mario; if anyone had to beat me, I’m glad it was him; he was on top form from the swimming onwards and he deserves it. I’ve been competing under pressure for years now and going all out for my fifth world title didn’t put me under any extra pressure – it’s something I’ve got used to. Now it’s time to relax and enjoy my achievement; and when I’ve recovered from the efforts of the 2015 championship I’ll start getting ready for the Rio Olympics, which is my main target for 2016”, he said.




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