PAMESA La Liga Promises tournament, a magnificent opening ceremony

The XXV National PAMESA LaLiga Promises tournament is here. The Opening Ceremony will take place this Thursday 2nd June at 7:30pm in the (Ciutat Esportiva PAMESA Cerámica) for an event that promises to be spectacular and entry is completely free. All the participating teams will be main features in an opening party with entertainment provided by the Xarxa Theatre Company from Vila-real.

The competition, sponsored by PAMESA, will take place between 3rd and 5th June at the PAMESA Cerámica Training Ground and will bring together all the U12 teams from LaLiga First Division during the 2015/16 season (with the exception of Athletic Club, replaced by Deportivo Alavés) in a competition organized by the ‘Fundación El Larguero’ and LaLiga with collaboration from the ‘Cadena Ser, La Sexta and beIN Sports channels.

Don’t miss the All Stars match!

Straight after the Opening Ceremony the All Stars match will be played at the PAMESA Cerámica Training Ground. One team will be captained by Raúl González, Fernando Morientes and Julen Guerrero, while the other will be captained by Carles Puyol, Marcos Senna and Gica Craioveanu. This spectacular friendly match will kick off at 8pm and entry is free for all.

The elite of youth football

The tournament, broadcasted live by the La Sexta and beIN Sports channels, will have four groups with five teams in each. Villarreal U12s will compete in Group D to try to get through to the Round of 16. The groups are the following:

  • Group A: Barcelona, Valencia, Sporting, Rayo and Deportivo.
  • Group B: Atlético, Espanyol, Levante, Celta and Granada.
  • Group C: Real Madrid, Real Sociedad, Eibar, Las Palmas and Betis.
  • Grupo D: Villarreal, Sevilla, Málaga, Getafe and Alavés.

The matches will kick off this Friday 3rd June at 10am at the PAMESA Cerámica Training Ground. The Schedule for the matches is the following:

Friday 3rd June 2016:


  • Barcelona-Deportivo (Pitch 1, TV).
  • Valencia-Rayo (Pitch 2).
  • Atlético-Granada (Pitch 3).


  • Espanyol-Celta (Pitch 1, TV).
  • Betis-Las Palmas (Pitch 2).
  • Real Madrid-Real Sociedad (Pitch 3).


  • Villarreal-Alavés (Pitch 1, TV).
  • Sevilla-Getafe (Pitch 2).
  • Valencia-Sporting (Pitch 3).


  • Barcelona-Rayo (Pitch 1, TV).
  • Espanyol-Levante (Pitch 2).
  • Atlético-Celta (Pitch 3).


  • Real Madrid-Las Palmas (Pitch 1, TV).
  • Betis-Eibar (Pitch 2).
  • Villarreal-Getafe (Pitch 3).


  • Sevilla-Málaga (Pitch 1, TV).
  • Rayo-Deportivo (Pitch 2).
  • Levante-Granada (Pitch 3).


  • Las Palmas-Real Sociedad (Pitch 1, TV).
  • Getafe-Alavés (Pitch 2).


  • Barcelona-Sporting (Pitch 1, TV).
  • Valencia-Deportivo (Pitch 2).
  • Espanyol-Granada (Pitch 3).


  • Atlético-Levante (Pitch 1, TV).
  • Betis-Real Sociedad (Pitch 2).
  • Real Madrid-Eibar (Pitch 3).


  • Villarreal-Málaga (Pitch 1, TV).
  • Sevilla-Alavés (Pitch 2).
  • Sporting-Rayo (Pitch 3).


  • Atlético-Espanyol (Pitch 1, TV).
  • Eibar-Las Palmas (Pitch 2).
  • Celta-Granada (Pitch 3).


  • Barcelona-Valencia (Pitch 1, TV).
  • Sporting-Deportivo (Pitch 2).
  • Málaga-Getafe (Pitch 3).


  • Villarreal-Sevilla (Pitch 1, TV).
  • Eibar-Real Sociedad (Pitch 2).
  • Levante-Celta (Pitch 3).


  • Real Madrid-Betis (Pitch 1, TV).
  • Málaga-Alavés (Pitch 2).

On Saturday 4th of June the matches of the Round of 16 and Quarter-finals will take place, from 10 am CET to 8 pm CET. On Sunday 5th  of June it will be the time of the Semi-finals at 10 am CET and 11 am CET. The grand final will take place this Sunday at 1 pm CET, and afterwards the prize-giving ceremony will be celebrated.



The first four teams of each group will classify for the Round of 16 (one will be eliminated), pairing them as follows: the firsts against the fourths of each group, and seconds against thirds. The classified teams from Group A will face the teams of Group B, as well as the ones of Group C will play against teams from Group D. The classification system for the First Phase of the competition will be the one established in the current regulations of the Spanish Football Federation (Real Federación Española de Fútbol), which are the following:

If the competition involves only one leg, possible draws in points in the final classification (of each group) between two or more teams, will be resolved considering:

  • Greater goal difference between scored and received goals, considering every match of the tournament (first phase).
  • Number of goals scored, considering the entire competition.
  • The score of the matches played between the involved teams.
  • By means of a draw, using coin tossing.


In order to resolve possible draws from the Round of 16, a penalty shootout will take place. If the draw persists, the shootout will continue until one of the teams scores one goal more than the other.


If at the end of the FINAL, the score is a draw, an overtime will be played (5 minutes). In the case of a persisting draw, a penalty shootout will take place as described in the previous point.

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