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A vibrant duo for 2021 – Pantone Colour

For more than twenty years, the Pantone Colour of the Year has influenced product development and purchasing decisions in a wide range of sectors such as fashion, interior decoration and industrial design, not to mention product packaging and graphic design. Illuminating and Ultimate Grey; these are the two colours that Pantone has chosen as the star shades […]

Five small tile models for dressing up the home

Small-format tiles are the in thing. Our growing Jubilee collection revolves around these kinds of tiles, since they can be used to create distinctive, colourful visual interplay, perfect for highlighting basin and shower areas or the fronts of kitchen cabinets. What’s more, if the room isn’t very big, because more small tiles are needed, they […]

5 Tiles for the kitchen with rustic allure

Current trends in kitchen design place increasing emphasis on originality and visual appeal, with big lights, visible kitchen utensils, marble countertops, cabinet fronts with vintage cement décors, colourful wall tiles and others with textures able to infuse kitchens with chic sophistication. These trends unite the charm of bygone designs with the performance of today’s tiles, […]

The great outdoor is back!

Generally speaking, spring and summer are our favourite times of the year. With the cold damp weather behind us, thoughts turn to enjoying leisure and free time outdoors or relaxing on a terrace. And it is precisely for this reason that apartments, large flat roofs, balconies or inner courtyards contribute added value to any home, […]

What makes geometric patterns so appealing?

Balance is one of the defining elements of nature, and geometry is essential for recreating the pure symmetrical figures of the natural world. Our environment reflects the meticulous precision of these impeccable forms, and it is therefore of no surprise that throughout history, geometry has provided the foundations and structure for myriad creations such as […]